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Save a Life.
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This "Giving Tuesday" SCP has a very generous supporter who will offer to match every dollar SCP raises with a gift of $0.50, up to a total of $2,500.00! So if we raise $5,000 we will be able to get an additional $2,500 from the donor match!
When you give, SCP is able to give the special needs and senior animals their dreams of a forever home and the love and care they are likely experiencing for the first time.
This year has been an especially hard year with an unprecedented number of animals being abandoned, many as seniors or with special medical needs. These animals are some of SCP's favorite (and most expensive!) to rescue, which we would not be able to rescue successfully without your continued, generous support!
Some of the senior or special needs animals below already had their dreams of a loving forever home come true, while some are new to SCP and the transformations we have already seen are heart-warming and excite us about the possibilities!
Please consider supporting Second Chance Pets so we can continue to give these senior and special needs animals a happy, loving forever home and life!

***Angel was rescued from the Galveston County Animal Resource Center after being seized from a cruelty case situation. He was severely under weight and anemic due to parasites, he didn't even have the strength to walk. He was so thankful for rescue and a loving foster home where he packed on the pounds and fully recovered under the supervision of Vets.

SCP heard about these 3 little older dogs who ended up in a small local shelter after being abandoned in a rental property for a week after the renter was evicted! Ernie, Pippa and Ensley were a hot mess when SCP took possession as they had been lacking proper care for years and years. Ernie had to have his few remaining teeth removed as they were decaying; Pippa had to be spayed and have a mammary tumor removal surgery along with a dental to remove her rotten teeth; Ensley had to have all of the above - spayed, mammary tumor removal, and dental to remove her infected teeth plus had to go through heartworm treatment. Wow! These guys were expensive but soooo worth it and we are thrilled to report that all of them are now in their loving, forever homes!
Hopalong was sitting in a high-volume shelter with his back left leg femur completely shattered at both ends, turned sideways and his knee was not where it was supposed to be either! After amputation surgery, Hopalong is feeling great and is still waiting for his new forever home where he can romp and play all day.
Ryder is one of our most recent rescues. He found his way to a high-volume shelter unable to put much pressure on one of his legs. We learned that he actually had ruptured his ACL so he recently underwent ACL reconstruction surgery (Ouch!). He is recovering nicely in his foster home and should be available for adoption in early January 2024.
Minnie, a 13 year old senior, was thrown out onto the streets by her previous owners when they got tired of caring for her. She is feeling and looking fresh after a much need bath and grooming. She is an amazing sweet heart and once she has a dental to clean up some bad teeth she will be looking for her forever home!
Stevie Wonderful is a completely blind, younger sweet boy who loves people and life despite his eyes. He was abandoned in a motel room and taken to a high-volume shelter recently. He currently has an eye infection in both eyes and a skin infection which are now being treated. He may have to have one of his eyes removed in the near future if it does not heal well after his treatment. Fingers crossed for this guy!
Lillie, a senior girl, came from a hoarding situation and was adopted quickly but recently returned after her owner moved into a senior living facility and Lillie could not adjust...she lived in a closet 24-7 of her own accord. She is slightly hearing impaired and vision impaired from her age, which likely contributes to some of her anxiety. Lillie had to have a dental to remove a lot of her bad teeth. Lillie can be very anxious and shy in new situations and may even pace and pant. She likes to sit near her foster dad and has even given him some kisses a few times! Lillie is looking for a special home where she can spend her golden years.
Wyatt and Doc are 10 year old brothers who had their world turned upside down recently when their owner passed away and they ended up surrendered to a local shelter by their owner's family. This was especially hard for Wyatt as he is mostly blind and relies on his brother Doc to be his guide and protector. Wyatt stopped eating and drinking in the shelter and just cried out for his brother who was separated from him in a different cage. Thankfully we were able to reunite them, they are both doing well in foster care and are ready for a new loving, calm and quiet home.
Save a Life.
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If you don't have PayPay don't worry! You can also donate one of the other ways below:


1) Go to SCP's Facebook page on Tuesday and donate through the fundraiser you will see posted on our page (you can also create your own fundraiser for SCP on your personal page and ask your friends to donate!) Click here to make a donation on Facebook

2) Mail a donation to Second Chance Pets, PO Box 1216, League City, Texas 77574. Make sure to write"Giving Tuesday" in the memo line!

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