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About Us


Second Chance Pets (SCP) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) foster care organization focused on animal advocacy through responsible rescue, rehabilitation, and appropriate placement of cats and dogs.

Where is SCP Located?
SCP does not have a shelter or an office location. Its activities are centered primarily in Clear Lake, but the rescued pets, volunteers, fosters, and adopters who comprise SCP come from all over the Bay Area (mainly north Galveston and south Harris counties). Most animals are fostered and loved in volunteer homes until a permanent home is found. To contact SCP, send an email message to A volunteer will get back to you.

Where May I See Animals Available for Adoption?
SCP has a small selection of cats available for adoption every Saturday from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM at the Petco - Clear Lake store located at  2410 Bay Area Boulevard, Houston, TX 77058. Select cats may also be seen during the week in the condos at this store and photographs of all available cats and dogs are posted on our website. Dog will be available for adoption every Saturday from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM at the Petco - Clear Lake store located at  2410 Bay Area Boulevard, Houston, TX 77058.

How Do I Adopt A Pet?
Potential adopters must complete applications so that volunteers can help adopters identify cats and dogs that will fit best in their homes. SCP volunteers review the applications and discuss pet care responsibilities with potential adopters so that the best interests of the pet are served. SCP reserves the right to refuse an adoption to anyone. SCP may conduct a home visit at its discretion. The adoption fee typically starts at $110 for cats, $190 for dogs and $245 for puppies.

Are the Animals Healthy?
SCP tries to ensure that all pets are healthy at the time of adoption. All are examined by veterinarians when they enter the program. All are vaccinated, spayed, neutered, de-wormed, tested/treated for parasites and disease (such as heartworms, fleas, leukemia, and FIV) as needed. Cats are vaccinated for FVRCP-C and FeLV. Dogs are protected with core vaccines. Animals are kept in foster homes when available to minimize exposure to disease and to help them be well-adjusted. It is the policy of SCP that no cat or dog may be sent to a permanent home before it is fully vetted, including spay or neuter.

How Do I Place an Animal into the SCP Program?
Animals may be accepted into the program only if foster homes and funds for veterinary care are available. A donation is requested to help offset the cost of caring for the animals. A person who seeks to place an animal in the program may also be asked to provide a foster home and funds for veterinary expenses.

Does SCP Euthanize Animals?
SCP's goal is to medically treat and successfully rehabilitate each animal accepted into the program. Sadly, however, euthanasia is sometimes the most humane choice.

What Can I Do to Help Give a Pet a Second Chance at Life?
SCP always needs new volunteer foster homes as the lack of foster homes limits the number of animals that can be helped at any given time. Please download the volunteer form and bring it to adoptions on any Saturday. As SCP operates solely on donations and volunteer effort, we appreciate any support from you. Volunteers are needed to foster cats and dogs, work weekend adoptions, transport animals, and raise funds. Financial contributions are always appreciated as well and can be made easily and conveniently by using Paypal.


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