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Become a foster hero

When you open your home to a foster pet, you're joining a lifesaving team dedicated to creating brighter futures for homeless animals in the Clear Lake area of Houston.

Second Chance Pets is a foster-based rescue organization, and our foster volunteers are the backbone of our mission. They provide temporary homes to cats and dogs, offering love and care until these animals find their forever families.

Fostering isn't just about providing shelter—it's about preparing these pets for their new lives and easing the burden on area shelters. It's an easy, hands-on way to make a lasting impact, one paw at a time.

When you foster with Second Chance Pets, we provide everything you need, from food and supplies to support and medical care. Your love and dedication ensure that every foster pet's stay is happy and healthy.

With your help, we can save even more lives and give every homeless pet a chance at a loving forever home. Let's make a difference together!

How it works

At Second Chance Pets, we've got your back every step of the way when it comes to fostering. Here's how it works:

Financial Support: Second Chance Pets takes care of all the medical expenses for our foster animals at our veterinary partners. Plus, we supply necessary items like kennels, food, collars, and more to ensure your success as a foster parent.


Getting Started: Once your foster application is approved, your ready to open your heart and home to a pet in need.  Your furry friend will typically come directly from Galveston County pound, another area shelter, or a volunteer. They'll have had an initial exam, but they'll also need an "intake appointment" at our approved vet clinic within 72 hours. Don't worry—we'll make sure you have all the info you need beforehand.

Health and Safety: For puppies or kittens, keep in mind they may not have had all their booster shots yet. We recommend keeping them separated from your own pets and avoiding grass surfaces until they're fully protected. And if you ever have concerns about your foster's health, we're just a phone call away.


Bonding with Your Foster: Our furry friends have been through a lot, so it takes time to get to know them. We ask that you never leave your foster dog unattended with your own pets and always watch treats and toys until you're familiar with their behavior.


Can I Keep My Foster? Absolutely! We lovingly call it a "foster fail" when our foster volunteers fall head over heels for their furry charges and decide to make them a permanent part of their family. It's a heartwarming testament to the bond that forms between foster parents and their foster pets.

Can Family or Friends Adopt my Foster? Got a family member or friend who's fallen head over tails for your foster pet? That's fantastic! They're more than welcome to apply for adoption. With you as their reference, the adoption process might even be smoother. Just direct them to the "adopt" section of our website for all the details. Let's make some forever matches.

Transporting Your Foster to an Adoption Event: At Second Chance Pets, we're all about supporting our furry friends in finding their forever homes. Every Saturday, our pets in foster care get the chance to meet potential adopters face-to-face at Petco in Clear Lake. If you're able to help out by dropping off and picking up your foster pet from Petco, that's paw-some! But if not, no worries—we can arrange for a transport volunteer to handle it for you.


Ready to be a lifesaver? Contact us with any questions and let's start saving lives together!

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