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My name is Ernie. I have had a really tough life. I was recently found living in an abandoned rental property- finally - after five days without food or water! My owner was evicted and left me and my two little buddies Pippa and Ensley behind. We went to an animal shelter and SCP ladies took us home from there. We have been running a little wild for a time and we are not in great shape - however, we have already seen the vet and we are on our way to being healthy, happy pups! I am potty trained (for the most part- a belly band is a good thing with me) and crate trained. I ADORE other dogs- I really want to find a new home with other little dogs. They make me so happy and my tail goes crazy when I get to be with other dogs.  I am seeking a forever home with someone who will spend lots of time with me.  I am calm and quiet and a little frisky! I am also very good natured and anyone that wants to cuddle with me, stranger or not, gets a cuddle and a kiss. Hey, I am also good with kitties! I am about 6 pounds and about 7-8 years old. I had a few teeth coming into foster care but guess what? They have all been removed so yes, my tongue falls out of my mouth occasionally:( Poor nutrition and a lack of vet care led to a serious case of infection.  It was pretty painful but it needed to happen. I must eat a canned food diet now but that is ok - I LOVE canned food! I love to sleep in bed with my people  and I am seeking my forever person or people. I have nothing but love to give, despite my rough life and I am waiting to meet you!
If interested, please send the SCP ladies an email!

If you are interested in me, please send an email to to get more information on how to fill out an application and have a great meet and greet to see if we are a match made in heaven.


Adopter for this dog must reside in the immediate Houston/Galveston area and be at least 25 years old. A home visit may be required prior to this dog going to any home. The adoption fee for a dog is $190 or $245 for puppies. All dogs are microchipped, on heartworm protection, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed and treated for fleas.

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