Cocker Spaniel & Dachshund Mix









My name is Ruger but sometimes my foster mom calls me Rudy because she forgets my ‘given’ name (given by my foster dad because I’m ½ cocker spaniel). I weigh 24 pounds and am 5 or 6 years old. I get along with people, other dogs and kitties (sometimes I will chase if they run but just call my name and I stop). I’m a Cocker/Dachshund mix and I kind of look like God put me together with spare parts he had laying around – LOL. I have a body like a Doxie and have a long tail that stands straight out. I have some wiry hair along my back but the rest of me is very soft. I have the head of a Cocker and my feet are cute and floppy too. But I’m a low rider, long bodied and my legs are curly like a Doxie. My hair stays short so no grooming needed, just an occasional bath. I even have a little bit of a crooked smile – no idea where that came from. All together I am SO ‘goofy-cute’!! I am very loving but also independent. If you give me a bully stick and I will entertain myself for as long as you want. One of my favorite places is on the couch next to you but I also lay on my dog bed or in my crate if you have to work on the computer. I moan and groan, wiggle around on the couch and thanks, but I will keep my kisses to myself. My foster mom doesn’t think I got much attention when I was in my original home because I love it so much that if you stop petting or scratching me I will put my nose under your wrist and nudge it get back to work. But if you are busy or done playing just tell me to get down or go lay down and I will – I’m not TOO greedy. I’m a great bed buddy. I like toys to carry around and I like to hide my bully sticks for safe keeping so please make sure I have lots of both. By the end of the day I’ll have all my toys scattered about. When you are first getting to know me I might get a tiny bit nervous so if I ignore you a little bit don’t worry. Or if you bring your face or hands to close to me when we are just getting to know one another I will get nervous and I might growl; just say my name and I will come to you right away and crawl in your lap. Somebody might have scared me in my past so just bear with me – I don’t mean any harm. Because of this I would do best in a home with older kids (12 and up maybe) or adults. I’m house trained, love the car, walks on the leash but I don’t really know many tricks or commands – turns out I’m so cute I haven’t been taught too many yet. I LOVE to eat so be careful I don’t get too fat. Love, Ruger

If you are interested in me, please send an email to to get more information on how to fill out an application and have a great meet and greet to see if we are a match made in heaven.

Adopter for this dog must reside in the immediate Houston/Galveston area and be at least 25 years old. A home visit may be required prior to this dog going to any home. The adoption fee for a dog is $190 (or $245 for puppies) which includes State of Texas sales tax. All dogs are microchipped, on heartworm protection, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed and treated for fleas.

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